The Susan Boyle Weight Loss: All about Her Transformation Journey

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Who Is Susan Boyle?Susan Boyle is a Scottish artist who rose to fame in 2009 after making an appearance in the popular TV Show, Britain’s Got Talent. Her debut album Dreamed a Dream became the best selling album in the UK and broke the record which was previously held by Leona Lewis’ Spirit. However, something else that caught the attention of the world is the Susan Boyle weight loss. The singer recently lost 50 pounds in a bid to improve her lifestyle. How did she do it, you may ask? Well, in this article, we shall go through the steps incorporated by Susan in her weight loss journey.
How Susan Boyle Lost Weight

1.Cut Down Sugar

The Susan Boyle weight loss may have propelled by her diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. People who suffer from this disease are generally advised to remove sugar from their diet as it affects the processing of insulin. However, sugar is also rich in carbs, and when taken in large quantities, the body will convert it into fat. This excess fat will later be stored around the abdomen, arms, legs, back, thereby making you gain weight.
In removing sugar from her diet, Boyle first started by avoiding cakes and sweets. (Note that the process of cutting down sugars must not be spontaneous. You can start small by avoiding unhealthy snacks. Later on, you can go to the proper planning of your diet.)
Sugars to be avoided
•Processed beverages such as soda and other energy drinks
•Artificial sweeteners. These are usually present in products such as sauces. The healthier alternative is to make your own sauce at home. Avoiding artificial sweeteners also means that one has to check the ingredients of every edible product he buys.
•Ice cream and pastries
•Processed foods
•Breakfast cereal
Healthy Sugars
•Vegetables have natural sugar, which is further broken down into carbohydrates. They flush toxins from your system and aid in digestion.
•Fruits. Fruits contain natural sugars and are a healthy source of fiber. The minerals present are good for the skin as they avoid the formation of free radicals, leaving the skin looking youthful.
•Cane Sugar. Sugarcane contains unprocessed sugars, which makes it the perfect replacement for processed drinks.
•Applesauce. One can use this in making brownies, muffins, cakes, and other baked goodies.
•Agave Syrup. Also known as oney water’, this syrup is made from nectar and has a caramel taste. Consider ditching maple syrup and topping your pancakes with this instead.
•Molasses. Molasses is the best replacement for brown sugar. Lots of people use it, especially when baking gingerbread cookies.
Does Eliminating Sugar Really Promote Weight Loss?
The answer is yes. Sugar is a major source of calories and is safe to consume (in moderate amounts) provided that you have an active lifestyle.
The Science Behind It
When sugar is consumed, the body immediately starts producing insulin and glucose. This action also prompts it to hold onto the fat converted from the sugar for future use. The more sugar you take in, the more fat will be held back by the body. This eventually leads to weight gain.
It is essential to note that when you cut down sugars, your body will most likely go through a phase of carbohydrate deficiency. You should, therefore, make up for this by increasing your uptake of vegetables. Although the natural sugars are in low quantities, they are the healthier alternative and cannot lead to excess weight gain or other health complications.

2.Formulate an Exercise Regimen

When most people hear of workout plans, they tend to assume that it means spending hours at the gym. This is not so. As a matter of fact, working out for as little as 30 minutes per day is enough to keep your weight in order and maintain your cardiovascular health. A gym membership may also be costly to some people, making them not to exercise as often as required.
However, various exercises can be done outside, or at the comfort of your home if you are the shy type. For instance, you can start by taking public transport as opposed to driving yourself. Walking to the bus stop is a source of exercise that targets the entire body. You will not only lose more fat, but your heart will get healthier, and the rate of metabolism will increase. Increased metabolism also improves digestion since food can now be converted into energy faster.
Other cheap but effective exercises include skipping rope, taking the stairs and ditching elevators, jumping, squats, lunges, wall sits, the list is endless.
You can spice up your workout plan by performing a different routine every day. Getting a workout buddy has also been proved to make one more productive as the source of competition prompts you to do more.
The Best Exercises for Losing Weight
Swimming is just as effective as running, only that it is low-impact. This may be a favorable option for people who may feel like running is just not for them. The exercise incorporates all the muscles and can be used to improve general heart health.
Swimming also leads to toning of arms and legs. This elimination of cellulite boosts confidence and leaves you looking great all through summer.
Before starting on your running regime, it is essential to invest in a comfortable pair of sneakers. The wrong shoes can lead to foot complications such as Plantar Fasciitis or generally strained muscles.
Tips on Picking Running Shoes
•The sole should be made of sturdy rubber to reduce the effects of impact with the ground
•The footbed should be properly contoured to distribute your weight evenly across the shoe
•Proper running shoes must offer arch support to prevent straining of the foot muscles
•Jumping Rope
Bonus Tip
A person is more likely to lose weight by performing resistance exercises such as weight lifting. This does not necessarily mean buying weights. You can opt to start by moving furniture around the house or carrying the grocery from the store. As time progresses, you can go bigger by buying actual weights and incorporating them into your workout plan.
When coming up with a workout plan, consider consulting a professional trainer to know what exercises would be most effective for your body type.

3.Invest in Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

Garcinia Cambogia is a greenish-yellow fruit whose extract is known to promote weight loss. No adverse effects have been reported from taking this supplement, a factor that has led to its increased popularity over the years.
How Garcinia Cambogia Supplement Aids in Weight Loss
It May Suppress One’s Appetite
Garcinia Cambogia reduces the appetite of its consumers. This works by giving you a false sense of being full. When users feel full, they are less likely to eat more than the stipulated amount of times.
The supplement is best taken after meals. You can take it three times a day after breakfast, lunch, and supper.
It Increases the Rate of Metabolism
Metabolism is the process through which food is converted into energy. Increased metabolism rates lead the digested foods into being converted into fat, then energy. This ensures that the body does not store any excess fat that may trigger weight gain.
The supplement also prevents stomach ulcers and repairs damage that may be caused in the lining of the digestive system.
It Blocks Fat Production
The Garcinia Cambogia supplement reduces the occurrence of belly fat by blocking fat production. Both animal and human studies have shown that the extracts of the plant significantly lowered the levels of fat in the body. In one such study, several obese people took about 2800mg of the supplement for two months. The following results were recorded:
•Cholesterol levels – lowered by 6.3%
•LDL Cholesterol levels – lowered by 12.3%
•HDL Cholesterol levels (good cholesterol) – higher by 10.7%
•Blood Triglycerides- lowered by 8.6%
•Fat Metabolites- lowered by 125 – 258%
The above results were made possible thanks to inhibition of the citrate lyase enzyme by the Garcinia Cambogia extract.
Other health benefits of Garcinia Cambogia
•Reduces inflammation
•Decreases insulin levels
•Decreases leptin levels
•Increases sensitivity of insulin
Recommended Dosage for Garcinia Cambogia
The supplement usually occurs in capsules of 500mg. The recommended dosage is 3 capsules a day after 3 meals. For best results, it should be taken continuously for up to 12 weeks. After this period, users can take around two weeks off the supplement. This break period is necessary to ensure that the body does not build immunity against the supplement.
Final Thoughts

The Susan Boyle Weight Loss: All about Her Transformation Journey

The weight loss journey is not as easy as cutting down sugar or buying a few weight loss supplements. One must be prepared to be committed to the program. For starters, you may want to consult a nutritionist to come up with an effective meal plan. Secondly, the duration and intensity of your workout session are likely to affect how much weight is lost. For faster results, consider upping your session to 45 minutes. However, if you would just like to maintain a fit lifestyle, a 30-minute session should be enough.