With beach season just around the corner, for many the ideal body seems like a distant and difficult goal to achieve, and losing weight can be overwhelming, with the first week being particularly hard. So you start looking for the secret of first week diet.

The good news is, you don’t need to exhaust your body with brutal, difficult diets which will only discourage you and be counterproductive in the long run. There are ways to shred down that weight and become your best possible self without causing damage to your emotional well-being, your nervous system and your overall health.

Overall, there are many methods and an overwhelming information about what is the best way to lose weight fast, but sometimes the time-tested. simple ways are your best bet.

Understanding the importance of combing exercise and diet.

For many people, exercise is seen as the main component of a healthy lifestyle, however it’s not as simple as that. Exercise is something that builds up your body, creates a better version of yourself and helps you improve your health, but training or any doing any sport by itself gives less than optimal results.

Your self improvement journey starts in the kitchen, and ends in the kitchen, and anything less than a healthy, dedicated combination of activity, along with diet, is not optimal.

A time-tested advice for me is that “abs are made in the kitchen”. And indeed, experience and countless accounts from other people have shown me that what you put in the body highly determines it’s performance and health. Your food is your body and your brain’s fuel, it is that which can power you to new heights, or do the opposite, reverse your good efforts and bring you down. Exercising then, without eating properly, is unlocking only one of the doors to losing weight fast.

Shredding weight in the first week and why counting calories works.

The Secret of First Week DIet- How to Lose Weight Fast

Counting calories is a hot topic, and you will hear a lot of people saying it is unimportant, and you can cut weight quickly without doing it, but it is an effective and fast way to lower your body fat in a scientific matter.

Nutrition is important, but we will talk about that later. Firstly, in accordance to basic physical rules, all of the food that our body consumes is used as a fuel to power our basic and advanced functions. Calories therefore should be seen as fuel, or a storage of energy. Calories are in all beverages(except water) and in pretty much anything else we put in our mouth. And depending on your age, weight, body height and a myriad of other factors, you burn a certain amount of calories each day, which is determined by your activity for the day.

For example, if it is an active day, you go to the gym, you go for a run, or just do some body weight exercises at home. This means that you have burned more calories, so you can allow yourself to eat slightly more that day.

Burning more calories than you eat is the best way to lose weight.

best way to lose weight

Once we understand this, it is time to to make it practical. There are countless of free mobile apps and other methods to count your calories, and if you do it for long enough, you can even start eye-measuring your portions. You get to a level where you can more or less estimate in your mind how much calories a certain portion of a certain food is. This is why it’s important to know what you are eating, and to be aware of your caloric intake for every day.

Of course, being obsessive about your calories is not a good thing, and realistically it will never be as precise as we want it to. You might have to go out and have a couple of beers, for example, this will add to your daily caloric intake significantly, but it shouldn’t discourage you! Simply walk a bit more, or eat a little less earlier in the day, Calories in, calories out, studies have shown time and again that concept as the single biggest factor to weight loss.

Recommended nutrition and first week diet.

first week diet

You are ready to take on your week. You understand the importance of watching your calories, let’s go! But what do we actually eat? Now here is where things can get very confusing for a lot of people.

A good diet is one that is not overly restrictive, and one that will not discourage you and make you want to give up on your third day.

I wouldn’t recommend a diet that focuses entirely on a single type of nutrient and tells you to avoid everything completely. Of course, different bodies, different people, and different issues might arise. You might be allergic to something, or you might not access to fresh produce or other ingredients in your local area, but that shouldn’t ever stop you if you are determined to eat well.

The best way to lose weight in the first week is a high-protein, limited-fat, low carb ratio.

Protein is the essential component of any healthy living regimen. It is the fuel of the muscles, and usually foods rich in protein are not caloric and contain other important nutrients(such as chicken meat or eggs, for example).

Foods with fat, this is where things are strange. Contrary to popular myths that still persist to this day, healthy fats are not harmful, and they do not increase risk of obesity or health problems. Fat is healthy in the proper amounts, and some of the healthiest foods suitable for your diet have a very high content of fat such as yogurts, cheese and milk and dark chocolate for those with a sweet tooth.

Good Carbs – Bad Carbs.

Carbohydrates should be lowered significantly, just by doing that, you can lose some pounds, but it is important to also recognize that the majority of your caloric intake will be comprised of carbs, so what carbs to avoid, and what are actually good?

The so called “simple carbs”, or refined carbs are universally recognized as unhealthy and a bad choice in your kitchen. These include refined sugars(look for the “glucose syrup” type content on your labels, refined wheat and other similar products that are heavily caloric, but offer almost no useful nutritious value. Simple carbs are scientifically proven to increase risk of heart disease, diabetes and other nasty problems plus obesity.

Healthy carbs are whole foods that are very valuable in the kitchen, and should be present alongside healthy protein and fatty foods. Examples include brown rice, certain fruits and veggies, all types of whole grains, oats and legumes, these are your friends, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fill you up well, serving as the basis of good meals.

Once we understand the powerful combination of counting calories, and the importance of macro nutrients, we get a clear picture of how our daily meals should look like.

All types of vegetables, leafy greens and high-fiber foods are highly recommended. Fiber is important for the digestive system and proper metabolic functions.

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Fruits can be calorie-packed, so they should be a bit more restricted, but still recommended. Veggies are suitable when putting together almost any type of healthy meal During winter months, you can use vegetables to prepare quick, delicious salads with low calories.

For breakfast, a bowlful of oatmeal is a filling, nutritious option, great for starting your day. Eat it with milk, but don’t overdo it. Another option is eggs, which are also very filling, affordable and quick to make. Eggs are perfect because they can work with almost anything, put some veggies and stir, some high protein meat, or just eat them plain? Prepare them however you like and diversify. Both are very rich in protein.

Some foods that should be central to your daily protein intake after breakfast are fish and seafood(especially tuna fish), beef and chicken. Tuna fish is affordable and easy to prepare, when combining it with a salad, or whole wheat bread for a quick bite on the go. Have in mind you shouldn’t eat tuna every day, as it is very rich in mercury, which is poisonous. A couple of cans of tuna a week are completely safe, and probably one of the best ways to hit your desired protein intake.

White chicken meat is your bread and butter when hitting protein targets. It’s cheap, delicious and goes with almost anything. Make a stir with some veggies on the pan, or put in the oven. Do a chicken salad, or dozens of other ways to prepare it and never get bored of it.

In conclusion, the secret of first week diet lies in yourself, your plans, and your determination to approach it in a right way, you can shred a lot of body fat for 7 days, but your long term goal should be to turn this into a lifestyle. As you see the results coming in, motivate yourself to maintain your better eating habits, and live at your best.

By Genesis