Losing weight can be successful not only by exercise, but also by the control of food in life. Some weight loss celebrities are also inseparable from the control of food in the diet such as:

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1、 keto weight loss menu one:Avocado mustard egg

Closed on the Ketone diet, occasionally you will fall into the form of hunger cheese and other dairy products such as sour cream and mayonnaise to win the ten feet of all fat. This avocado naughty egg formula gives you the nutrients you need without the need for a dairy product to make a good transition in form.


2、 keto weight loss menu two: Chocolate fat bomb

The beauty of the keto weight loss is that occasionally you don’t eat enough fat on the day, so you will eat the “fertilizer bomb” to fill the deficit. These chocolate bombs are one of the worst ways. Just mix butter, cream cheese, cocoa powder and a little sweetener at all to win some chocolate and make your body look better.


3、 keto weight loss menu three: Cauliflower Knotted Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This delicate ketone formula can win a lot of vegetables and cheese. You will make the broccoli, then bake it into a “bread” slice, which is filled with cheese; use the high-quality organic cheddar to make cheese. This is worth it!


4、 keto weight loss menu four: Chicken Pad Thai

This dwarf carbohydrate chicken pad is one of the best ketone recipes to replace Asian takeaways. It has a ten-footed taste, generally padded in Thailand, such as ginger, ground peanuts, tamari and chicken, but both use spiral zucchini instead of carbohydrate noodles. The most important thing is that you will put this ketone chicken formula on the table within 30 minutes.


5、 keto weight loss menu five: Keto Bread

When you expect a ketogenic diet, bread is probably not the first item, because it often contains carbohydrates. However, if you replace the bread purchased in the store with an autonomous ketone bread formula, it can blend seamlessly into your dwarf carbohydrate, high-fat diet. Does the bread become closed to ketones and cockroaches? Almond powder, torrents of eggs, tartar, butter, succulent and apple cider vinegar.


6、 keto weight loss menu six: Cinnamon Butter Bomb

Grass-fed butter is a good way to add high-quality fat to your diet. In addition, it is also robust and cheap: this type of butter has anti-inflammatory properties, which can strengthen the heart and strengthen the immune system more than the standard butter and overflowing MCT.

However, if you are not ready to eat a butter ensemble, then create these cinnamon bombs. After simply adding the vanilla extract, cinnamon and ketones and scented sweeteners to your butter and letting them cool, you can enjoy some foods that are full of strong fat and icing like icing.


7、 keto weight loss menu seven: Coconut oil mayonnaise

You will often find ketone recipes that beg for mayonnaise. However, why should you squander your money to purchase the variety that the store purchases, these varieties are covered with rapeseed oil and other factors, when you may wish to create their own products at home? You will be amazed at the fact that Mayo whipped it at home and it will continue until your egg is out of date!


8、 keto weight loss menu eight: Creamy Cauliflower Minced and Keto Gravy

Potatoes and gravy are solid and comfortable foods – unfortunately, there is a ketone version. They are made from broccoli, which is commensurate with dwarf carbohydrates, especially compared to potatoes. Made with butter, butter, rosemary and bama cheese, this paste is creamy, aromatic and smooth. You may wish to finish it with the gravy in view of the stock, which is also perfect for the barbecue.


9、 keto weight loss menu nine: Shellless spinach quiche

Unfortunately, ketone recipes may also include quiche. This is very beautiful, but it is easy to get together. Just a few ingredients, including high eggs, halved cheese and zero grains, this is one of the most favorite breakfasts.


10、 keto weight loss menu ten: Dwarf Carbohydrate Keto Ten-Piece Bagel

These ketones are bagels when you eat ten-foot shellless spinach quiche and patties, which is another must-have breakfast staple. With their help, you don’t have to cut out your favorite breakfast sandwich. When you’re looking forward to winning a ketone-accepted breakfast, you may also want to experiment with a bread-free kebab breakfast sandwich that uses the chicken-salad patties.


11、 keto weight loss menu eleven: Simple Old Chicken Curry

This coconut chicken curry recipe fits all the foods you eat, because it is gluten-free, contains no dairy products, and uses only the cleanest factors. So whether you are following the Paleo diet, the ketogenic diet is still a combination of both, and this recipe will fill your needs. In addition, it is very simple and easy to use.


12、 keto weight loss menu twelve: Fathead Nachos

Keto recipes that include cornflakes? ! Oh yes. You will be the first to create fat cornflakes. Did you mention that you will use two kinds of cheese in this step? Desperate. Hand over, you will load them with the meat sauce, and then finish them with your favorite toppings (such as guac, salsa probably sour cream). Although these are a kind of ketone snacks, they are refreshing to say that they have a meal to make a meal.


13、keto weight loss menu thirteen : Gluten-Free Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

You might as well create a gluten-free, dwarf-carb macaroni and cheese. Is it good? The ruling after testing this ketone recipe is ok! Cauliflower, this mysterious vegetable, replaces macaroni here, but it really is cheese and qifeier, making this stand out.

Kefir is a ketone and sputum drink similar to fermented milk, rich in probiotics, which fits well with your bowel. We will also use sheep’s milk and goat’s milk cheese, which is a smart use for those who are lactose intolerant who probably only want to change cheese. You will like this and your family will like it.


14、keto weight loss menu fourteen: Mexican Chili Cheddar Cheeseburger

Why put the cheese on the burger? You will wrap each pie (the turkey you use with beef) with cheese, garlic and jalapeno, and the grill will probably be roasted to perfection. Every bite is better than the last one.


15、keto weight loss menu fifteen : Keto Lime Creamsicles

Big popsicles and ice creams contain too much sugar and are not creosote. However, these sweet stevia can help stop your sweets and extract a little bit of fat from the chopped avocado.


16、keto weight loss menu sixteen :Onion Soup

Abandon the canned soup and test the recipe of this kind of onion soup, which is full of strong nutrient factors, including chicken and beef bone soup. This recipe requires only five factors, and it’s a quick and easy way to get it all together. You will want to know why you picked up the canned soup at the beginning!


17、keto weight loss menu seveteen :Keto Spinach and Fresh Chicken

This juicy chicken has a lot of rich, sweet taste, and your taste buds will win training. You mix the spinach, artichoke, garlic, cream cheese, mayonnaise and two kinds of cheese into a creamy paste, spread it on the chicken and bake it. After 40 minutes, there was only a small amount of time to start, bubbles, and dry and willing to wait.


18、keto weight loss menu eighteen :Keto Grilled Chicken and Spinach Pizza

Closed to the complete list of keto weight loss recipes, we must include pizza – this is the last ketone white pizza. It has a crispy shell, white sauce, juicy chicken and novelty spinach. If you are looking for ketone food, this pizza is a must-have for the weekend.


19、keto weight loss menu nineteen :Baba Ganoush

Eat this eggplant, celery, and complete central foraging. Because of a cup of sesame sauce, this soaking will reduce the fat and taste to a simple snack.


20、keto weight loss menu twenty :Thai Beef Satay

In this ketone formula, it takes only 15 minutes to marinate beef for an in-depth taste. In this situation, you may wish to mix peanut butter and accompanying salads at all, for this Asian style weekend dinner.


21、keto weight loss menu twenty-one: Dwarf Carbs Portabella Slider

I like to keep the hamburger’s dwarf carbohydrates: the smaller pies depend on the portabella mushroom bread. These are very simple, created using the baking tray on the stove, so you may wish to enjoy them all year round.


22、keto weight loss menu twenty-two: Mysterious factors shallow chocolate mousse

I don’t want to damage the secret recipe of this ketone formula, but the foot says that it makes this incredible ketone chocolate mousse sweetly cream! It takes only a few minutes to complete, which is a good match for the dessert at the end of the moment.


23、keto weight loss menu twenty-three: Short carbohydrate cheese tacos shell

What kind of taste is good, when it is stuffed between these despicable shells! These are very simple: it is baked cheese! Use your favorite meats, vegetables (chicken and onions are great here), tacos ingredients, and naturally more cheese!


24、keto weight loss menu twenty-four: Ultimate Keto Buns

If you lack a conservative hamburger or a sandwich bun, these ketones and clams will reach the scene. Using a stick mixer, the dough is prepared for a few seconds, then they finish the loose bread in the oven, but begging for your favorite meat and cheese.

25、keto weight loss menu twenty-five: Vegan Alfredo

This rich and despicable Alfredo is not only a ketone and a dwarf carbohydrate, it is also a vegetarian! When created with almond milk, broccoli and nutrient yeast, you don’t need factor food to watch this naughty favorite is such a smooth and creamy. After the zucchini noodles to maintain dwarf carbohydrates.


26、keto weight loss menu twenty-six: Keto Blueberry Muffins

These ketone muffins are a bit of a gathering, but they are the way to start. Made with coconut powder, butter, cream cheese and novelty blueberries, you won’t be gluten-free for a long time when you find them light and loose. The crowd loves it!


27、keto weight loss menu twenty-seven: Ancient Beef with Broccoli

Looking for a new weekend dinner for dinner? Don’t worry anymore! This Paleo beef with broccoli recipe can be completed in just 25 minutes, allowing you to spend a lot of time going to the gym and watching a good book to relax, probably spending time with your partner and family after a long day.


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