Susan Boyle Weight Loss Recipes

Susan Boyle is well known for her big voice, her big heart, and, more recently, her big weight loss. Many have asked what prompted the Scottish star who has struggled with the scales since childhood to finally lose the pounds. The answer is a carefully controlled diet in response to being diagnosed with diabetes in 2012. By following a healthy diet and exercise programme. Susan Boyle weight and kept it off.

Boyle’s Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes type two has forced Boyle to pay closer attention to her diet. Diabetes is a condition where the body is unable to break down sugar properly to turn it into energy. In some cases, insulin is not being produced while in others, the cells carrying sugar stop responding to insulin. In both scenarios, the body can end up with dangerously high levels of glucose that can also lead to further problems such as high blood pressure and heart problems. The only way Susan Boyle could eliminate these risks and take better care of her health was to remove sugar from her system by embarking upon a completely sugar-free diet.


It sounds quite simple, just by cutting out sugar Boyle was able to lose a whopping 50 pounds and drop enough dress sizes to transform herself from an overweight opera queen to the svelte singer as she appears today. But anyone who tries to follow her diet will know it is not that easy: sugar is everywhere and hidden in so many foods.

Susan Boyle's

Foods To Avoid

Obviously, sweets and cakes contain sugar and these were cut out first. However, what surprises dieters like Boyle is how much sugar is hidden in processed food. Even bread contains sugar. Boyle was faced with the problem of having to avoid pre-prepared foods or learn about the ingredients of everything she wanted to eat. Refined sugar is one of the biggest problems for diabetes, as the sugar is artificially processed to actually increase the amount of sugar the body consumes. Again, this sugar could be hidden in lots of foods that could otherwise appear healthy, such as yoghurt or fruit drinks. Breakfast cereals, even those that are advertised as healthy due to their increased fibre, can also contain plenty of unrefined sugars. Sauces such as barbecue sauce or ketchup are also made with more sugar than you might think.

On the whole, foods to be avoided include:

fruit juices

fizzy drinks




breakfast cereals


jams and spreads

Foods to Include

It would seem that the average daily diet for most healthy people could contain more sugar than you might expect. One of the best ways to avoid hidden sugars is to go for whole foods that are not overly processed. Cooking from scratch means you know exactly what you are putting in your meals.

Susan Boyle's Weight

High Proteins

Keeping up your protein intake is important if you are following a low sugar diet. Susan Boyle was careful to include meats such as chicken and fish as part of her evening meals. Joined with brown rice and a plate full of vegetables, she was able to satisfy any food cravings by eating tasty food that kept her feeling full for longer.

Natural Sugars

While sugar intake was limited, some naturally occuring or unrefined sugars could be added to allow Boyle to satisfy her sweet tooth without risking a glucose overload. For example, fruits and some vegetables such as carrots contain some natural sugars in varying levels. Making your own juices means you don’t need to add any further sugar, which is where the problem lies in pre-packed juices. Simply chop the fruit and add to a blender with enough water to achieve the right consistency, and you can create some sweet tasting drinks like those that helped Susan Boyle lose weight.

Seeds and Nuts

As Susan Boyle lost weight, she was able to fit in some treats to her diet. However, she know her old favorites would not be allowed. Instead, Boyle carried around some healthy snacks in the form of seeds and nuts. Healthy fats are an important part of her diet, as Boyle is allowed fat but needed to watch her sugar intake. Peanuts, pumpkin seeds and dried fruit enabled her to keep a supply of nibbles that kept her going while keeping her body healthy and slim.



As the most important meal of the day, Boyle needed to ensure she ate a healthy breakfast that would keep her full of energy for her gruelling singing regime. Since fats are allowed, a high-protein breakfast containing boiled eggs or poached eggs and smashed avocado are a great way to start the day. Cold meats or even bacon with some scrambled egg can also be a healthy breakfast for people with type two diabetes.

Susan Boyle Weight Loss


Alternatively, those with a sweet tooth might prefer to include fruit and yoghurt in their breakfast. Shop-bought fruit yoghurts are probably loaded with sugar, especially those advertized as low-fat. For a healthier version, look for natural yoghurt or Greek yoghurt which contains less sugar. This can be mixed with chopped fruit, a little granola or topped with some seeds such as chia that help maintain overall health and wellbeing.


A quick and healthy breakfast that helped Susan Boyle weight loss is to make your own smoothies at home. All you need is some fruit and a blender. Banana works particularly well, and you can add mild or yoghurt for a creamier consistency. Some fruit juice or water can also help make the right consistency.



Protein forms the basis of these meals, and grilled chicken or fish accompanied by a fresh green salad is a perfect lunch for people with diabetes like Susan Boyle. Met is also a great meal to have when on the go, as some flaked, steamed fish mixed with quinoa or wholegrain rice forms an easy packed luch that can be eaten hot or cold.


Vegetables contain healthy carbohydrates which can be useful for people with diabetes, These can help with digestion and add some further fiber to the diet which keeps the digestive system moving freely. A jacket potato topped with a tuna or cottage cheese makes a filling, healthy lunch. You need to be careful with coleslaw, as pre-packed mayonnaise can cottain hidden sugars. Making your own mayonnaise or coleslaw is a good way to add nutrients without the sugar.


Eggs are a great light luch that can be portable as well as filling. A boiled egg makes a healthy addition to a green salad and is the perfect way to add a little taste and protein. A protein pot of spinach with boiled eggs can also make an excellent mid-meal snack to keep you going.



While high in carbohydrates, the naturally occuring sugars in potatoes can be easily broken down which can make them a good choice for people with type two diabetes if they are cooked correctly. The sugar content is high, and they have a high glycemic index score which means many diabetics prefer to avoid potatoes altogether. Fried potatoes, such as chips, are not helpful for people trying to lose weight and mashed potatoes should also be avoided. The best way to eat potatoes for diabetics is to boil, roast or sautee the potatoes. They can be mixed with other vegetables that are higher in fiber to help counteract the carbohydrate content. Small potatoes, boiled or roasted in their skin, are also a good choice for diabetics as the skin is where most of the fiber is kept. Sweet potatoes are a better source of fiber and can be eaten roasted or boiled as an accompaniment to any meal.


The main part of an evening meal should be protein, either in the form of grilled meat or a plant-based alternative for vegetarians, Quorn is a healthy and versatile alternative to meat which can be cooked with vegetables to make a healthy casserole for people wanting to lose weight or diabetics like Susan Boyle.

Susan Boyle's Weight Loss

3、Rice and Pasta

White rice and pasta should be avoided as they are heavily processed and as such can contain some hidden sugars. However, brown and wholegrain rice are a good carbohydrate for diabetics or people wanting to lose weight. They have more nutrients than their white counterparts and can also keep you fuller for longer, a dieter’s dream!

4、Home Made Sauces

Convenience foods like ready made jar sauces to add to meat at home are not suitable for diabetics like Susan Boyle, but you can make your own alternatives that often end up tastier and cheaper than well known brand sauces. Roast some red peppers and tomatoes in the oven for about half an hour and then add to a blender for a simple, tasty base sauce that can be added to any meat or vegetables as a gravy or as the basis for a tasty bolognese. You can also add a good selection of herbs and spices to create a signature taste for any dish. Turmeric adds an earthy flavor and has some excellent healing qualities when combined with black pepper. Green herbs such as basil and dill can also make for a tasty sauce.


Remember, when Susan Boyle weight loss, she didn’t rely on diet alone. Exercise formed a major part of her weight loss as she began walking for two miles every day. At 50 years of age, it was important that Boyle looked to include exercise that was fairly low impact as she didn’t want to put pressure on her joints or cause any strains that could affect her ability to sing. Walking is the ideal exercise, as it increases metabolism, burns calories, and improves mental wellbeing while helping to keep blood sugar at a consistent level.

Through a holistic programme devoted to better health, Boyle was able to not only lose weight but also maintain this loss for a number of years, Combining healthy eating with exercise and treating herself with nuts and seeds means Boyle can continue this programme while making sure her diabetes is under control.

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