It is no longer surprising to know that this actor or that actress has lost around 30, 40 or even 50 pounds of his or her weight. Still, we get astonished every time we see the before and after losing weight photos of him or her and we keep asking ourselves: How did they do it? Why did they do it? And what is next? Will they stop? Will they gain back the weight that they have lost? Will they give up at this point? That is why in this article, we would like to answer these questions for you; and our star for today’s article is the famous Britain’s Got Talent Singer Susan Boyle: Susan Boyle weight loss, the Scottish singer who has recently lost 50 pounds of her weight!

Susan Boyle weight loss before photo

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So we would like to tell you more about the following questions that you surely have asked to yourself when you heard about her amazing unbelievable weight loss:

 1. Why did Susan Boyle lose weight?

2. How did Susan Boyle lose 50 pounds of her weight?

3. What’s next on Susan Boyle’s list for weight loss?

1. Why did Susan Boyle lose weight?

The first question that crosses one’s mind is why did he or she lose weight? Especially if we are spotting the light on losing too much pounds as in this case, 50 pounds!  We want to know what weight loss motivation did the person had in order to accomplish that much as there must be a really good reason behind it.  And we surely know that everyone has  their own reasons that surely differ from one person to another. Of course, the reasons of Susan Boyle weight loss differ from the reasons of  Mama Junes weight loss, and in either case, we are really curious to know both! What is the difference? Maybe, we are just one step away from finding our inspiring idol who will lead us into taking the decision of change and live a better life ourselves.

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The good news is, we know Susan Boyle’s reasons and we are happy to share the information with you. For Susan Boyles, there are two major reasons. First of all, Susan declared that she was bullied since infancy for her appearance and weight just as many kids might have suffered in their childhood. The beautiful singer wanted to lose weight for this reason. Yet, she didn’t feel motivated enough;  And here comes the second major reason that made Susan feels the urge to stop questioning whether she should sit or start losing weight. It has a strong relation on her entire life. let’s start the story as Susan did: she suddenly gained more weight than she used to be. She nearly felt hungry all the time, she felt depressed and exhausted as well, even though she didn’t do an effort to make her feel so. Afterwards, it wasn’t much till Susan was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in 2012. Thus, she needed to take a better care of her health. One of the common treatments for diabetes type 2 is known as Metformin, and there is a second popular name for it in the market which is Metformin weight loss drug. As it is used efficiently for losing weight.

When Susan Boyle felt the threat of diabetes over her health, she took the step and decided to stop the fantasy pros lose weight and start losing weight for real. The fantasy pros losing fat ends right after answering the question ” who to start with?” once we answer this question, we know that we are on the right track.

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And for Susan Boyle when she asked “who should I start with?”, the answer was really simple and clear: a doctor, an expert to guide me right in my journey for losing weight.

Susan Boyle  speech

How did Susan Boyle lose 50 pounds of her weight?

The whole process for the weight loss of Susan Boyle was made through …. Steps.

1. Medical treatment.

2. Healthier diet.

3. Exercises.

1. Medical treatment:

Besides the fact that treatments for diabetes help greatly in losing water weight, Susan Boyle had other ways for losing weight. First of all, water weight is a weight which can overload the body with unnecessary load of water due to health problems regardless of the food type that enters the body . That is why a specialized doctor is very important at this point generally, and for those who have a medical history related to diabetes or blood pressure issues especially.

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Susan Boyle weight loss in the process

2. The details of Susan Boyle’s Healthier diet:

Right after that, came the medi weight loss process according to the new diet, Susan Boyle had and as per what she declared will have to keep following. Susan Boyle removed all the unnatural sugar sources from her diet according to the doctor’s instructions. For more explanation, she removed alcohol, ketchup, sweets, white sugar, cake, packaged fruits, etc. On the other hand, she replaced them with cane sugar, otherwise known as brown sugar. That type of sugar is known to be healthier and contains less fat than white sugar. She is only able to enjoy natural sugar sources such as: fruits, natural juices and vegetables.

In addition to that, Susan Boyle has followed a  keto weight loss diet depending on tropical elements and supplements that grow in Southeast Asia such as : Garcinia cambogia fruit that helps in reducing the body weight and has other benefits to the body as well due to containing a  very high percentage of vitamins to supply the body with. As for the taste of it, it is more like tamarind. Still, the most helpful advantage it has is decreasing the appetite with no need to any surgical procedures, and improving the mood to treat depression as well.

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Weight loss tea is also an option in this diet generally and in the case of Susan Boyle specifically but it is not confirmed whether she had it on her diet or not.

So we can simply say that she followed an extreme meal plan for extreme weight loss as she strongly has known the value and worth of her life and health and did her best to keep both of them at their best state with no hesitation in giving up what she has been accustomed to in her past 50 years of her life. That is why, we consider her weight loss process a very valuable and inspiring case for everyone all around the world.

Susan Boyle weight loss success

3. Physical exercises:

for those who don’t know, Susan Boyle started her journey in losing weight when she was 50 years old and lost 50 pounds! It is not a secret that physical exercises are really important for efficient weight loss results. Still, not all of us have the determination nor the strength to do the needed exercises.

However, due to the medical circumstances and the old age of Susan Boyle, hard exercises were not really advised for her. Hence, the only possible exercise that would benefit and not harm her, and in the same time would get actual results for weight loss is walking. That was the only recommended exercise for her. Yet, her determination to lose weight and keep her health was really high as she started with walking 2 miles a day!

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It is also known that practicing yoga for weight loss can be very efficient in cases similar to Susan Boyle’s case. Yet, it has a high possibility to harm joints if not taken patience in consideration. In addition to that, Susan Boyle didn’t mention a word on it. As a result, we believe that she managed to lose all the 50 pounds depending on only walking as a physical exercise.

Furthermore, Susan Boyle deserves to win a fighter’s respect as she was lately diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. This syndrome –mainly – occurs to people who suffered from a lack in the oxygen approaching the brain after being born. Which means that she had this illness in her since she was a little baby and managed to make it all these years without even knowing about it.

3. What’s next on Susan Boyle’s list for weight loss?

Susan Boyle weight loss Before and after comparison

Well, the Asperger’s Syndrome affected her life strongly to the extent that she had stopped going around for tours, but she is still able to sing and she is still resisting the extra pounds and the weight. Susan Boyle is still going further in her weight loss process and we are more than ready to encourage her and give her thumps up for her new appearance that will come out for us. Eventually, let’s not forget that she was strong enough to get rid of 50 pounds whereas many of us can’t take the step of losing only 5 pounds, so what are we waiting for? Let’s get up and enjoy healthier lives now!

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  1. And for Susan Boyle when she asked “who should I start with?”, the answer was really simple and clear: a doctor, an expert to guide me right in my journey for losing weight.

  2. Weight loss tea is also an option in this diet generally and in the case of Susan Boyle specifically but it is not confirmed whether she had it on her diet or not.

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