Reveal!Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Success Method

It seems impossible to imagine how someone can lose a pound a day consistently for a month, but Rebel Wilson did just that when she began her healthy eating regime. How did she do it? With a combination of diet and exercise. Read on to discover some of the strategies that helped Rebel Wilson weight loss.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Diet

Perhaps the best part about Rebel Wilson’s diet is it doesn’t seem like a diet. She doesn’t count calories. At all. Wilson believes that calorie-counting means dieters often skip healthy foods so they can indulge in their favorites and lose out on important nutrients. Saving up your calories for a weekend binge, or skipping meals to spend calories on alcohol for a night out is only a recipe for disaster. One of the main reasons why Rebel Wilson chose to change her diet was to feel healthier. She had already forged a powerful career in comedy and films based on accepting her body shape, so she was not motivated by vanity. All she really wanted was to feel strong, be healthy, and improve her overall wellbeing.

While not counting calories sounds like no plan at all, Wilson’s diet was focused on eating healthy foods regularly. She didn’t completely cut out treats and snacks but limited them to once a week. Knowing she was burning calories in her regular workouts, and being healthy for the other 6 days, she could enjoy her little indulgence from time to time. This way, she was able to keep going for longer and make her new healthy diet part of her normal life. Since Rebel Wilson lost weight, she has been able to sustain her diet as part of a healthy plan for life.


One of the main things Rebel Wilson focused upon was making sure her diet was high in fiber. While she avoids counting calories, one thing Wilson does keep track of is how many grams of fiber she consumes each day. By aiming for at least 35g of fiber, she knows she can keep herself feeling full for longer. Fiber is contained in whole grains and brown rice. These complex carbohydrates help keep your blood sugar stable and avoid the spike and crash cycle of processed foods containing more sugar. High fiber breakfasts such as granola and wholegrain cereals are a good way to start your day with a healthy dose of fiber.

Reveal!Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Success Method

Fruit and Vegetables

A great, natural source of fiber, Wilson was keen to include fruits and vegetables as a key part in her diet because she wanted to make sure she gave herself as much chance as possible to include a wide range of vitamins and nutrients. During her stint at The Ranch, a wellness retreat in Malibu, Wilson enjoyed mostly organic fruits and vegetables and she continues to prefer to eat organically where possible, as these have even more chance of maintaining a higher nutrient content. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables also helps you to improve your general sense of wellbeing and helps your body to avoid disease or illness. Rebel Wilson is known for her shiny eyes and hair, and the nutrients in her diet help maintain this sparkle.

Another benefit of eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is that you can add some sweetness to your meals without overloading on sugar. A tasty pudding of fresh fruit and natural yogurt can make you feel like you have enjoyed a sugary snack while still loading your body with healthy vitamins. Red berries and bananas are really versatile and make a great pudding base for those with a sweet tooth, like Rebel.

Healthy Fats

Not all fats are bad for you, and while Wilson was keen to avoid foods that are high in sugar or carbohydrates, she did make sure she included lots of fats that are deemed to be healthy. We all know saturated fat has implications for cholesterol and can clog our arteries, and Wilson did not follow a diet high in greasy chips or cakes dripping in buttercream. Instead, she opted for avocadoes, olive oil, seeds, and nuts to make sure she included monounsaturated fats that would also help stabilize her blood sugar. She also included polyunsaturated fats such as fatty fish that are also a good source of omega-3 which can help both the heart and the brain.

Eating healthy fats means that Wilson can follow a diet that feels indulgent while having positive benefits for her health. Another bonus from eating healthy fats is that they break down very slowly, improving digestion and helping you feel full for longer, avoiding any nagging cravings later in the day. This way, Wilson is able to find a diet that will suit her forever, if necessary, as there is still room for treats.


Most of Wilson’s meals contain protein as well as fiber. Lean meats such as chicken and seafood help her to consume a high proportion of her daily calorie intake in the form of protein. This will again keep her feeling fuller for longer as protein breaks down slowly, reducing hunger and boosting metabolism. While Rebel Wilson lost weight, eating protein helped give her the energy she needed to keep up with her exercise routines and outdoor activities.

Rebel Wilson lost weight


Another tip from Rebel Wilson that she feels helped her to lose weight is drinking plenty of water.

Sometimes, when we feel hungry our minds can misinterpret feelings of thirst for hunger. It could be that we are reaching for the biscuit tin when what our bodies really need is a glass of water. Wilson felt that including water would be important for her health as she understood the importance of keeping hydrated, especially as she was exercising quite heavily and losing some water through perspiration. Drinking plenty of water is also good for your complexion, one of Wilson’s strongest features.


Like many people. Rebel Wilson is a grazer and sticking to a regime of three meals a day, with nothing in between, would never work for her. By not counting calories, she was able to include healthy snacks that she could enjoy whenever she felt hungry. Another great feature of eating often throughout the day is that it helps keep your metabolism working steadily. Diets that require fasting, or starving yourself, for an amount of time can slow down your metabolism. If you think of animals in the wild, when food is in short supply your body doesn’t know when you might eat again. In response, it slows down metabolism so you can keep going for longer on fewer calories. This is a dieter’s nightmare! Eating healthy snacks not only avoids this negative effect but is also a way of helping you include even more healthy vitamins and nutrients.

The types of snacks that helped Rebel Wilson Weight Loss included fruit or vegetables with healthy fats. For example, she enjoyed guacamole made from healthy avocado, carrot or celery sticks, and hummus as a dip. Nuts and seeds are also some of her favorite snack foods including cashews or almonds. She would also reach for cold meats such as grilled chicken to help keep up her protein intake.

Rebel Wilson weight loss 2017

Working Out

Regular exercise contributed significantly to how Rebel Wilson weight loss 2017. Her Instagram page is loaded with pictures of her enjoying outdoor sports in the sun, especially hiking and tennis. In addition to this. Rebel spends at least 30 mins a day in the gym four times a week.

While going to the gym might seem like hard work. Rebel has made it a part of her natural routine so it no longer feels like a chore. Knowing that you are burning calories and improving your cardiovascular system is also a fantastic motivator. Rebel’s outdoor activities look like fun and she makes it a sociable activity by involving others wherever possible.

Regular exercise is vital for weight loss when combined with a healthy diet. Burning calories regularly helps your body to break down fat and increases muscle density, which in turn helps boost metabolism. The larger your muscles, the more energy your body burns just to survive. Keeping moving also works with drinking water to help the body eliminate toxins and maintain strong bones.

The Ranch

To kick start her healthy routine that led to losing 30 lbs in one month, Wilson booked herself into The Ranch in Malibu for four days. Billed as a spa or celebrity wellness retreat. The Ranch offers daily massages and a host of activities such as “marathon hiking” which is something that helped boost Rebel Wilson’s weight loss. She posted on Instagram that she was able to lose 8lbs in only four days, obviously leaving her feeling great and determined to keep on with her new health regime and avoid slipping back into old habits.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Feeling Good

One of the things that Rebel Wilson tells fans is important for all women to feel healthy is to be positive about themselves and their bodies. She advises that weight loss alone won’t bring confidence, and as someone who has always exuded confidence whatever her body shape, she is a great advocate for the power of self-belief. She says that all women should love every part of themselves and feel secure in their own abilities. Believing in yourself and looking after yourself are the most important things. This strength of mind will help you stick to your diet and exercise plan and make you more determined to make healthy choices and stay that way.

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