JWOWW weight loss: Diet Plan Revealed!

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Whenever most of us see the words”diet” or”weight loss plan” next to the name of a Jersey Shore celebrity, we steel ourselves for some kind of kooky story about diet pills or protein shakes after some intense GTL-ing. Perhaps an anecdote about how”smooshing” is your new cardio? Come on, can you blame us? The kids’ reputations precede them.

jwoww weight loss

But that’s why I really like the latest”slim down” news, courtesy of Jenni”JWoww” Farley. She’s breaking the mold! I might even go so far as to say she could be the breakout Bethenny Frankel-esque star here, since she comes off seeming grounded and, well, wise. Really! Here’s what she had to say about her diet…

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Well, actually,”diet” might be a misnomer for what JWoww is doing. Instead, she’s embraced some really healthy eating habits. Her number one rule?

“Have to eat healthy so 5 nights a wk I make my own food… Tedious but worthwhile,” she recently revealed on Twitter.

Additionally, she noted that she enjoys taking her homemade cookin’ out and”grilling with Roger,” posting a photograph of a meal which included brightly colored veggies, grilled meats, and salad, tweeting,”Dinner time yummy.”

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I’ll say! That looks like the perfect balanced and delicious meal. If I had only one question, it would be whether or not she is buying organic? Hope so. But highlighting home-cooked meals in itself is a significant accomplishment and terrific step toward getting/stayng healthy and fit.

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We all know how tempting it is to purchase out, get Chipotle one night, even throw a frozen meal in the micro. But none of that can compare to a fresh, self-made meal. As my fiance pointed out to me once, you never really know what you’re getting at a restaurant. You kinda just have to have faith that the place is using fresh, healthy, clean ingredients… Definitely not necessarily the case! Ick!

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There is no better way to completely control the calories, fat, sodium (food at restaurants is notorious for the insanely high sodium!) , etc.. And to limit scary chemicals or added ingredients. So good for JWoww for getting in touch with her inner Top Chef. Sure plenty of her friends and fans could stand to learn a thing or two from her healthful habit.