Jorge garcia weight loss for precious weight loss

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What is Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Secret?

How Did Jorge Garcia Lose Weight?

Stars are often seen running to get fit and eating healthy in order to look perfect. But other actors enjoy the way they are, including their enormous body size. Jorge Garcia is one of the few celebrities who hasn’t lost popularity due to his rotund physique.

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Jorge entered the world of television when he was cast for a role in Becker. The chubby guy has been in constant demand ever since he appeared on the Lost series and Hawaii Five O, Jack and others. His acting stint in Lost gave him a strong headstart towards building a career, and he earned a few awards along the way.

The chubby guy has been in constant demand ever since he appeared on the Lost series and Hawaii Five O, Jack and others. His acting stint in Lost gave him a strong headstart towards building a career, and he earned a few awards along the way.

While working on Lost, Jorge had a couple of movie gigs that includes Little Athens, Deck the Halls and Sweetzer. In addition, he wrote on a blog called Dispatches from the Island, which centered around Lost. He was also a host in Geronimo Jack’s Beard, a weekly podcast that centered around Lost Season 6.

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He has also played short guest roles in shows such as How I Met Your Mother, Fringe and Mr. Sunshine. Later, Jorge appears on I Steve, Hawaii Five-O and many others in episodes. Let’s check out the Jorge Garcia weight loss 2016.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Aside from his curly hair, Jorge’s weight has always been a point of discussion. Due to his unhealthy diet, actor and comic celebrity Garcia is always on the news. His upward climb on gaining weight has developed into a serious concern for Jorge’s relatives and loved ones, who wanted him to be healthy and live a long life.

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Jorge has always been healthy, but the extra pounds is due to his bad eating habits. The food addiction is the reason why he’s gaining a lot of weight. Originally, his weight has never been a concern for his career, but in Lost he was asked to reduce weight. It was a difficult time for Jorge Garcia weight loss. Supporters were waiting for him to undergo a transformation, but nothing major happened. Instead, the actor did not lose weight because of his unhealthy diet. Jorge was nearing 400 lbs and his friends and close relatives were becoming increasingly worried for Jorge and his unhealthy weight. Doctors have advised Jorge to go on a weight loss regimen because of his destructive drinking and eating habits, but in the end the Jorge Garcia weight loss didn’t work out.

30 Fun Facts About Jorge Garcia

Jorge’s Inspiration for Weight Loss

Being overweight was never a problem for Jorge’s career, but it was in Lost that he was asked to lose weight. Garcia, along with a team of dietitian and workout coaches began putting the actor on a weight loss program. His unhealthy food habits were replaced with healthy intake. Jorge even went on a Nooch diet.

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Fruits and vegetables replaced fatty foods. Jorge started eating low carb, high protein foods throughout the diet and with his workouts. With strong will, Jorge even stopped drinking alcohol. All of this had taken off 30 lbs. from his body weight. But time passed and he did not see any improvements, and Jorge got back on his unhealthy habits. He stopped the diet and went on drinking again.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss 2016

Time passed, and Jorge Garcia of Lost fame reached 400 lbs. in weight, which was now a serious concern even to the actor. His other concern was that he needed to be free of food addiction and the unhealthy intake his body was craving.

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In accordance to dietitians, they mentioned that there must be an underlying reason why he was eating very unhealthily. If the cause of the habit was known, then Garcia will be able to effectively lose weight. His obesity condition was now a threat to his life as he was in danger of diabetes and heart problems.

Friends and family were concerned for Garcia. In one interview, a close relative mentioned that Jorge underwent gastric bypass, which emptied out his stomach and should have dropped his weight. But these are just news and there wasn’t any confirmation from the actor himself.

Garcia followed the Nooch diet in order to get rid of his excess weight. The Nooch diet, also called Nutritional Yeast diet, uses deactivated yeast to break down fats and cause the individual to lose weight. Though there wasn’t any evidence that Nooch is directly related to weight loss, the high amounts of B12 broke down fats and turned it into protein for extra energy and vitality.

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Nooch may be incorporated into one’s diet in many ways. Vegans like to sprinkle it in their pasta and soup. Nooch can be integrated into healthy foods as well, including vegetables such as carrots, spinach and protein sources or fibrous foods to help shed weight much faster. Drinking alcohol adds to weight, and if Jorge wanted to be successful in his weight loss journey he had to stay away from alcohol.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss losing weight

Diet, along with the perfect workout will reduce weight, but Jorge had to consult doctors and dietitians, and have body and health checkups before he went on a diet.

Aside from Nooch, there is also one program that can slim people down and help them get to the shape they want. The GM diet is to be followed strictly for 7 days without fail. Here is how you do it.

The GM Diet

The first day is fruit day. Health experts agree that the fibrous content in fruit is good for losing weight. The GM diet allows people freedom to eat what they craved for, but getting on track is of primary concern.

Along with fruits, individuals will need to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day so the body can quickly get rid of waste, toxins and broken-down fats. Weight-gaining fruits aren’t allowed, and thus the GM diet has proved to be successful especially for Jorge, who has a large body type.

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On the second day, only vegetables are to be eaten. Raw and boiled veggies should be enough for the day.

After two days of strict eating, Day 3 is much more enjoyable. Here, fruits and vegetables may be consumed with no restrictions.

On the 4th day, the diet becomes strict again. Only 8 bananas and 4 glasses of milk are to be consumed. But these are heavy foods, so the stomach is soon settled.

Day 5 is marked Feast Day, largely because individuals are allowed 6 large tomatoes, brown rice for vegetarians and fish or chicken breast for non-vegans.

On the 6th day, a cup of brown rice with either uncooked or cooked vegetables is allowed. Non-vegetarians can take fish or chicken breast to satisfy their taste buds.

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Day 7 is the last day of the GM diet. You may eat a cup of brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices. It’s important to note that the daily drinking of 8 to 10 glasses of water is required. Exercise should also be part of the program to get down to size sooner.

What To Avoid

In the 7-Day GM Plan, there are several food types that must be avoided. Here they are, categorized into the following:

  • Vegetables – Sweet potato and potato
  • Protein – Avoid pork, turkey, beef and similar meats
  • Fats and Oils – Avoid safflower oil, margarine, butter and lard
  • Carbs – Avoid processed foods, bread and white rice
  • Dairy – Avoid cheese, ice cream, frozen yogurt, full-fat yogurt and total milk fat
  • Beverages – Avoid packaged fruit juices, sweetened drinks, soda and alcohol

Jorge’s Exercise Routine

Here are the recommended exercises to be used alongside the diet.

  • 1. Arms circles
  • 2. Wrist rotations
  • 3. Shoulder rotations
  • 4. Neck rotations
  • 5. Running or Jogging
  • 6. Stair running
  • 7. Sit ups
  • 8. Air cycling
  • 9. Push ups
  • 10. Breathing exercises
  • 11. Face exercises

Do’s and Don’ts on for Weight Loss Journey

  • 1. Don’t overstrain yourself and do the diet too quickly.
  • 2. Follow the recommended diet program in a step by step manner.
  • 3. When cooking chicken, fish or vegetables, avoid using ghee or oil.
  • 4. Don’t eat too much in one sitting.
  • 5. Don’t be in a hurry to lose weight. Overdoing it is just as harmful and damaging to the body.

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Garcia’s weight has been a huge concern not just for him, but also for his friends, family and loved ones. Unhealthy eating habits such as overeating or emotional eating will not make you lose weight. Jorge Garcia is worth $5 million, but his health may suffer due to deadly diseases and conditions that arise from obesity. Gastric bypass may have helped the actor put his excessive weight behind him.

Jorge garcia weight loss Interview

If you’re looking to get healthy, fit and start eating the right foods, follow the 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, and the recommended 8 hours of sleep. A good lifestyle can contribute towards better health.

The story of Jorge Garcia weight loss 2017 is inspirational and should serve as a goal for those who’d like to lose weight before they encounter health issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart problems.