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Recently, Mama June broke the internet because she unbelievably slashed her weight by about 75% within a very short time. Her weight had shot up to over 450 pounds but she now weighs just a quarter of her previous weight and looks much cuter. Among other things, this has contributed to her fame.

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There are several factors that inspired Mama June weight loss. They include:

She wanted to be good for her kids.

Mama June has two daughters, Lauryn and Alana, whose health she really cares about. By losing much of her weight, she was being a good example for her kids. She has also been a health coach to them by cautioning them to observe their health and encouraging them to eat salads and monitor their weight so that they do not have to be overweight.

Her ex-husband was remarrying

Mama Junes weight loss 2017 was first inspired by the remarrying of her ex-husband. So she decided to revenge by losing her weight. She even looks good in a wedding dress.

She wanted to encourage people

Mama June’s weight loss happens to be appealing to both her followers and overweight people. She inspires people to lose weight with dedication, moderation, and focus, while keeping hope alive. Her kids have also been learning from her experience and they know better than anyone that prevention is better than cure.

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Need for new looks

2017 was the year of new looks for Mama June as you can see in Mama June’s weight loss pics. In her new body she began fitting into clothes that skinnier people wear, looking shapelier and feeling easy while walking along the streets. On her 38th birthday, she was looking all model-like in a little black dress. Mama June’s weight loss pics have since gone viral in the social space.

Need for happiness

She wanted to feel great about her looks, weight, and size, just like everybody else is. As a result, she did everything she found necessary, including hitting the gym, sleeping until 1 pm, and salad eating.

Mama June’s weight loss pics have trigged people into monitoring their body weight. Thus, it has become a culture where people make the necessary adjustments. There are several people who have followed her footsteps. They include:

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Jennifer Hudson

Since she lost about 80 pounds, she has been very disciplined by working out and being on a strict diet.


She is a perfect example of a go-getter. Her primary reason for wanting to lose weight was to find happiness. Now she is happy and more beautiful too.

Roseanne’s John Goodman

Since he started working out and excluding sugar from his diet, he has lost over 100 pounds.

Oprah Winfrey

Her 42-pound weight loss is attributed to her moderate eating strategy. Just like Jennifer Hudson, she is another of those weight watchers but she has impacted on society by investing millions in Weight Watchers, that helps people stay healthy.

Kelly Osbourne

Her weight loss started when her show dancing partners engaged her into getting healthier and working out regularly.

Mariah Carey weight loss

She got heavier while expecting her twins but she lost weight by working out and dietary restrictions.

Jonah Hill weight loss

His life changed when he strictly followed advice from his nutritionist.

Robert Kardashian

Due to depression and eating too much junk, his weight escalated to over 300 pounds. However, he lost it by working out at the gym and agreeing to adhere to a catered diet.

Alec Baldwin

In about 4 months, he lost about 30 pounds by avoiding sugary diets and rigorous exercise. His weight loss was triggered by being pre-diabetic.

Melissa McCarthy weight loss

Mama June’s weight loss is a function of sleeping very early and living dull on purpose. She successfully lost a staggering 75 pounds.

Kirsty Alley

She has lost over 100 pounds of her weight and to maintain it she avoided sugar, linguini with clams and cheese diets.

The experiences of all these people can only tell you that choices can have very bitter consequences. All of the above have had to struggle to remain healthy.

If your goal is to reduce weight loss, first you need to be ready to start the process. Then have the courage, determination, focus and desire to lose your weight. Exercise, diet and weight monitoring are the main pillars of weight management.


Mama June’s weight loss 2017 involved a lot of exercise. Human bodies are unique. Therefore, different bodies will need corresponding forms of exercise. It includes sports and hitting the gym. Some of the easiest sports include:

Swimming – is effective if swimming pools are available. You can burn hundreds of calories per swimming session. You can have several swimming sessions a day. Therefore, daily swimming can make losing over 200 pounds a reality.

Cycling – Invest in bicycles that are cheaper and available which makes lack of exercise no excuse. Apart from losing hundreds of calories, cycling enhances your fitness program by killing your dead cells, increasing your brain efficiency, boosting your bowels, and increasing your hours of sleep. The result of cycling is you get replace most of your body with muscles especially on your legs.

Running – get yourself some running gear such as light comfortable sport shoes and attire. It is one of the easiest and efficient form of exercise which is calorie-intensive. This means your weight loss can happen faster if you are consistent.

Taekwondo – is calorie-intensive and requires some hard training. You become stronger, more flexible and stable through punching and kicking. Again, consistency and determination should get you to reduce weight really fast.

Ice skiing – you might want to go on a road trip to the snowy mountains to enjoy this sport. You will need to be dedicated enough to pull through this activity. In a day, you can burn thousands of calories.

Skating – It depends on your location. Snowy places require you to use ice skating boots. Other places just need you to use roller boots. They mostly build your lower body which is important in losing some of your body weight.

Volleyball – This sport is dependable if you want uniform weight loss. It does not consume as much calories as the other sports.

Tennis – Both lawn and table tennis are some of the least calorie-intensive sports. If you are seeking to lose body weight at a slow pace, play tennis. It is recommended for starters and for tennis hobbyists.

Kickboxing – The sport will be highly engaging for your whole body. It consumes a lot of calories therefore; you might want to be very consistent to lose weight faster.

Basketball – It is one of the most common sports and will only require you to round up some of your friends, have a ball and a hoop. You will effortlessly yet effectively lose much in a very short time. Again, consistency is key.

Apart from channeling consistent efforts towards weight loss, you need to consider:

Your speed of weight loss

This depends entirely on you but you should be moderate. A good rate is 1000 calories in a day, which translates to about 10 pounds in a month. Too much exercise can lead to dangerous complications such as heart attacks. If you want to lose weight fast, you may spend less time on calorie-intensive activities such as kickboxing.

Mama June weight loss


If you are a career person, your best forms of exercise will be those that may equal your spare time. To get significant results, you may perform calorie-intensive activities though you will have to be consistent so that your weight loss trend is steady.

Eating speed

You are more likely to be obese if you are a fast eater. Fast eating can occur due to stress, anger, and anxiety. It may also be just a habit you raked up from somewhere. High speed eating is counterproductive towards weight loss. Therefore, try to keep yourself busy with something else as you eat to reduce the speed.


Avoiding sugar and too much starch. Get yourself a nutritionist who will tell you exactly what to consume depended on the recommended calorie intake unique for your body. Addition, enough protein is productive during weight loss by increasing feelings of fullness while reducing appetite, increasing metabolic rate, and protecting loss of muscle mass. You will have to increase your fiber intake because it reduces your appetite and the ability to absorb calories from other foods. Too much fat will also be counterproductive since it will reduce the speed of weight loss.

Mama June weight loss Cheats

Amount of exercise

Moderate exercise of okay. Too much exercise will inhibit the adrenal functions resulting to stress. Lack of exercise will just allow re-accumulation of fat and loss of muscle mass. Excessive exercise may also involve lifting of too heavy weight in working out sessions.

Your eating habits

If you usually skip meals for whichever reasons, you will have to stop. Skipping meals only means there will be a surge in calorie intake when you get really hungry. Therefore, it will be important to take small amounts of calories at reasonable intervals.

Mama June’s weight loss 2017 has been a great inspiration to many.

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